Luca Molnar was born in Budapest, Hungary and is a painter, most days. She currently lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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I paint fractured space, pitting continents of pattern against one another as a mirror for societal structures. Pattern can be representative of individual habits, structural logic, and associative history. When taken together, these repeated systems map the relational difference between individuals. I am drawn to patterns found in domestic spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, the center of care for the body. The domestic has an inescapable duality, with homes as both sites of comfort and battlegrounds of intimate violence. As the set for our inner lives, domestic borders are contested and ever-shifting. To accurately confront the state of the domestic, I paint these edges where disparate patterns or colors collide. The desire to confront carries into text and floor pieces that contextualize and assert a claim to space for the paintings. What can be synthesized by sentencing oppositional patterns to live in the same space? The many resulting conditions of coexistence pose vital questions for me about the role of sources, the political impacts of fragmentation, and painting beyond the decorative.